Infographic: Building a Responsive Supply Chain

    What does it mean to have a responsive supply chain? A responsive supply chain is one that is flexible and can adapt to changes in sales volumes and customer expectations quickly and efficiently. This includes manufacturing, order fulfillment, distribution, and customer satisfaction. With the shift of the business landscape developing a more digital approach to retail, inventory visibility has become essential to every enterprise, large or small. Companies need the ability to view precisely the availability and location of materials, products, and orders across their supply chain.

    In the whitepaper, Building a Responsive Supply Chain, we take an in-depth look at the importance of inventory visibility in today’s supply chain, including: 

    • Sourcing and acquisition of raw materials
    • The omnichannel retail ecosystem
    • Customer impression and shopping experience
    • Data Sharing

    It’s not enough to know that these areas of concern exist, but also what to do about them. It requires companies to dig deeper into analyzing their inventory data to improve their inventory management processes. From identifying unique items to utilizing real-time automated data sharing, adopting digital methods of tracking and distribution is the future of an integrated supply chain.

    The infographic below offers a quick and easy view of some of the statistics from our latest whitepaper, as well as solutions and strategies to improve this crucial aspect of today’s supply chain. 
    Infographic - Building a Responsive Supply Chain

    Download the whitepaper, ‘Building a Responsive Supply Chain’ for additional insights into inventory visibility within the omnichannel supply chain.