Shifting Retail Expectations [Infographic]

    Shifts in consumer expectations have accelerated due to the events and regulations surrounding the pandemic, COVID-19. To help shed some light on these rapidly evolving trends,  DiCentral hosted  Shifting Sands of Retail Expectations, a webinar with  retail supply chain expert, Peter Edlund to help retailers  adapt to the constantly changing economy. The highlights and statistics discussed during the in-depth 40 minute webinar have been provided in the infographic below. 

    While  the recent pandemic has slowed consumer demand for some retailers, it has also given rise to  new innovations and inventions. For example, scientists and designers are working to make hospitals safer, including the first protective innovations, a hands-free door handle that can be opened with one’s forearm, and a hood-type mask said to kill 95% of viruses.  History has shown that times of crisis has led us to many other innovations, several of which are highlighted  below. 

    For additional recommendations on how organizations can enhance the omnichannel for retail recovery, view the webinar, Shifting Sands of Retail Expectations.

    Shifting Retail Expectations_infographic_Infographic

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